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Manga Information
Watashi Ni XX Shinasai


Watashi ni XX Shinasai

Alternate Title

Do XX to Me!


Ema Tooyama




Ongoing, Monthly


2009 - Current





Yukina Himuro is the "Snow Woman." She's cold, observant, and barely speaks to anyone but her cousin, Akira. In addition, she's also an extremely popular cell phone novelist by the name of Yupina! But something is lacking within her storyline: ROMANCE! How can she add in something she has no experience in? One day, she finds out a secret about Shigure Kitami, a seemingly nice guy. She holds this secret over him and blackmails him into being her "fake lover." She gives him missions time and time again and he has no idea she's using him as an example for her cell phone novel! What will happen when the two of them get too close? This is a Shoujo tale unlike any other that will keep you on your toes!!

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