Manga Information


Tenshi Nanka ja Nai

Alternate Title

I'm Not an Angel


Ai Yazawa






September 1991 - November 1994





After a rainy day encounter, Midori Saejima fell head over heels for a boy who picks up a stray kitten. Now all she has to do is meet the guy! Coincidentally, they go to the same newly-opened high school, Hijiri Gakuen. Student council elections place Midori's crush, Akira Sanjou, in the President slot while Midori becomes the Vice-President. Is this the chance she's been waiting for? Find out in this tale of finding out who you are with the help of your friends! You will never want to leave the Student Council and the characters you meet within this manga. It's been almost 20 years since its release and still girls (and guys) everywhere will be able to relate to the High School atmosphere. Even if you've never experienced a love as touching as Midori and Akira's, you will hold this story in your heart for long after the last chapter ends. You don't have to be an Angel to love "Angel Saejima" and her friends! So get reading!

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