Manga Information


Sand Chronicles

Alternate Title



Hinako Ashihara





2003 - 2005





Ann Uekusa and her mother move back to her mother's hometown of Shimane after her parents split up. She goes out exploring and meets a boy her age named Daigo Kitamura who's catching rabbits. Somehow, the two of them become fast friends. They also meet Fuji Tsukishima (also their age) and his little sister, Shika. The four are inseparable as young kids. But soon after Ann's arrival, her mother, Miwako, commits suicide. Ann is distraught; she can never get over the fact that her mother's death might be her fault. But she finds strength in Daigo and wants to be with him forever; he's her solid rock. The four friends grow up and relationships tear them apart and bring them together. Life goes on and Ann wonders if her choices are the right ones. Ann's life is contained within these ten volumes, a life of love, friendship, and learning to be strong in her own way. Any Shoujo manga fan will find his or her own strength by following Ann's footsteps as she lives with or without her number one person.

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