Manga Information
Full Moon Wo Sagashite


Full Moon wo Sagashite

Alternate Title

Full Moon


Arina Tanemura






January 2002 - June 2004






Mitsuki Kouyama is a 12-year-old girl who loves to sing. Her dream is to become a professional singer, so that she can keep her promise to her childhood friend and first love, Eichi Sakurai, who has moved to America. But there is a problem - she has sarcoma, a type of throat cancer. To make things worse, two Shinigami, Takuto and Meroko, approach her one day, and tell her that she only has one more year left to live. She convinces Takuto to transform her into a healthy 16-year-old (with blonde hair) so she can go to an audition to become a singer. She passes the audition, and makes her debut as "Full Moon" - the English translation of her given name. Will Mitsuki become a popular singer? What will happen between her and Eichi? Will there be a rival for her love? And how will she keep her identities as both Mitsuki and Full Moon a secret? This is a story of a young girl with big dreams, filled with magic, music, and love. At times it will make you laugh, and at times it will make you cry. A must-read series for all shoujo manga fans!

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